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Start your journey to empowerment and healing.



As an intuitive medium and channel the messages that I received come from your spirit family and loved ones.  These include but are not limited to your own personal guides, your passed on loved ones, and your angels. I work as a channel for the Universe to deliver the messages that you need to hear. My intention is always that the messages you hear come from the highest realms of love and light for the highest good of all. Through mediumship readings I offer time, comfort, and connection with your passed on loved ones.

Tarot cards are simply a tool to connect to your higher-self, guides, angels, spirit family, and source. A practice of divination, readings (and Reiki sessions) provide guidance, insight and direction for your life. There are messages waiting for us to be heard and tarot and oracle cards can be a source to receive those messages.

They are a tool to tap in to ones intuition, and the part of oneself who knows exactly what one needs to hear. Think of using them to have a conversation with your higher power or highest self.  

If you are feeling lost or unclear in any area of your life, a reading is a great opportunity to reconnect with your inner wisdom. (You also received this same kind of insight in a Reiki session from me. Although not all Reiki practitioners are also intuitive channels, I do include those messages as part of my in-person and distance sessions.)



We all need someone to talk things out with. Someone to hold space for us. Even more so someone who is unbiased and non-judgmental. Your time on these calls may be used to discuss whatever you would like pertaining to your spiritual or personal life, as well as your personal business or work life. During the call I tap into your energy and connect with your spirit family. Both guided and intuitive advice given. Client will leave conversation with next steps to take.

Business advice includes ways to market yourself and your business, social media advice and help, program building tips, fine tuning your services costs, and more. 

Spiritual and business mentorship packages are available. Please contact for further details.



The Enneagram shows us parts of our personality we don’t even realize we are addicted too. Our EGO. Parts that often harm us instead of allowing us to have a full spectrum of life. Learning our number can make us aware of our faults and the part of our personalities that hold us back. Even more the Enneagram gives us a path to GROWTH.

It’s a simple yet complex tool to help us in our healing journey. Imagine being able to recognize when you are acting out of stress and fear and then managing to walk through those emotions with strength and clarity. 

Imagine understanding the motivation for the people you love. If you know why the people you love act the way they do it is a tool to help you better communicate with them. Our daily motivations affect our work life, home life, and personal relationships. When we understand what fuels the people we care about, we can better integrate into their true, authentic world. 

I believe the Enneagram is one of the greatest most untapped avenues for communication, growth & healing. 



I like to think of it as a massage for your soul. Seriously. We take care of our physical body, why not our mental? Think of what stress does to our bodies. If we can heal our energy and minds, our physical body feels better.

Reiki is a Japanese technique that promotes healing and relaxation. It is a form of alternative, holistic, and/or Eastern medicine also known as energy healing. Rei means "God's wisdom or the higher power" and Ki means "life force energy". Reiki practitioners use a series of hand placements on or above the body through which a "universal energy" is transferred from source above, through the practitioner, sharing healing love and light that encourages both emotional or physical healing. *Source refers to whatever higher power you believe in whether that being God, The Universe, anyone, or anything else.
Every session starts and ends with a conversation. My first goal is to make sure you are 100% comfortable. During the session you lay on a massage table with the option of blankets and pillows as calming music plays. Reiki itself involves a series of hand movements held lightly on or above the body. Most people feel a sense of warmth from the hands and just lay in a very relaxed state.  Throughout the session I receive intuitive pictures and channeled messages that I share with you. I also share what I feel going on energetically within your body including blockages, attachments, and your chakras. What I believe the most is that there are tools available to us to grow and evolve if we want them. This is why the channeled messages during the session, as well conversation that comes after your session is just as important to me as the Reiki sharing itself. I believe in empowering YOU to have something to take away from the session to work on. Lying on a table for thirty minutes or an hour isn’t going to fix your life. YOU have to do that. A healing session just gives you a head start.


Energy knows no time. This is why you are able to send Reiki at a distance. For a distance Reiki session you typically lay or sit in a comfortable state for approximately 30 minutes. During this time we stay on the phone. I talk to you about what I am feeling in your energetic field as well as your chakras. I am also relaying messages to you that I'm hearing from your spirit family and guides. During this time you are also receiving the loving healing energy of Reiki. 

What is holding you back?

*Sessions may also include use of essential oils, sound healing, aura cleansing, and so on. Distance sessions are just as powerful as in person. 



Astrology is a tool that can help teach us about  the course of our life based of the positions of the planets based off which Zodiac constellation they were at the time we were born. It can give us great insight into not only our personality, but how we connect to,  communicate with, and relate to others.  You can use you astrological chart aka your birth chart  almost as a reference guide for your life. You can also check in and compare it to what is happening in the astrological world when searching for answers.

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